To achieve and maintain optimum results in all the above areas, the Foundation is creating a multimodel outreach program offering scholarships, retreats, cooperate trainings or “reboots,” as well as certifications. Our Model includes the following components.

Data Collection, Interpretation, and Documentation

To assist in the planning of our research, data collection, interpretation, and documentation, Life Works Foundation will partner with The Colin A. Ross Institute (, which “was formed in 1995 to further the understanding of psychological trauma and its consequences by providing educational services, research, and clinical treatment of trauma based disorders.” Dr. Colin Ross an internationally recognized leader in the field of trauma with over 30 books in publication.


The Foundation will offer scholarships to target groups, professionals, and individuals that meet the criterion for treatment yet lack the financial resources to receive it and or to assist them in reaching their full potential by assisting them in perusing their talent or life purpose.

Community Education

The Foundation will conduct, support, and educate the community on their most recent research findings and gather and share pertinent information with partnering agencies. Their goal is to provide a common language and understanding of the challenges and solutions for the targeted areas of growth in the community. It will also network, promote and support other agencies, groups, individuals, initiatives, or entities that are beneficial to the community.


It’s research, implementation, and sharing of treatment performance models will be conducted through the establishment of public and private partnerships, bringing together the various stakeholders critical to identified areas of need, gather and share data, create and fund sustainable models, and empower the public through education and implementation of findings and result, creating positive change at the community, state, national and global levels.

Healing Springs Ranch

The Foundation will work collaboratively with Healing Springs Ranch, which will share their clinical expertise, contract staffing solutions when needed, and serve as one of the initial target sites for our clinical research.


The Foundation will seek partnerships with other foundations, state agencies, colleges and universities to offer state and nationally recognized certifications.

The Foundation is first to conduct research on ETT or Emotional Transformational Therapy as well as other innovative models of treatment that have yet to be fully researched and shared with the community.


Our current Research is focused on the following topics.

ETT Study (In Process)

Comparison study of the effects and benefits of ETT therapy versus eclectic psychotherapy. This study will be focusing on cravings and distress levels.

Psychodrama Study

Showing the effect of psychodrama in processing trauma compared to other psychotherapy process groups, and eventually a control group.

Equine Study

Investigating the unique outcomes of an equine therapy session. How equine effects things like stress levels, depression, etc.

Dietary Study

Examining the benefits of HSR’s dietary program during the client’s stay. Shift in cortisol levels after interventions at residential treatment. This study will also be done with first responders and law enforcement.

Experiential Interventions (movement, yoga, dance, exercise) Study

Research on the effects of experiential activities on levels of stress, anxiety, feelings of joy and calm; ability to be in the present moment.

Optimum Performance Enhancement Study

Studies on improving emotional, mental, and physical capacities.

Tactical Mindfulness Study

Mindfulness study that will be done with law enforcement and first responders.

Reductions in Symptomology (In Process)

Measuring treatment outcomes based on a 30, 45, 60, or 90 day stay at Healing Springs Ranch. Aim is to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and dissociative experiences.


Life Works Foundation's primary mission is to conduct cutting-edge, leading-edge research, that will serve as the basis for innovative treatment modalities. To ensure the implementation of our research outcomes, we are partnering with a number of select organizations that can help move our research from theory to demonstrated success. This section summarizes our organizational partnerships.

Redemption Bridge

The Foundation is affiliated with Redemption Bridge, a Texas nonprofit intermediary, focused on developing new, innovative models for re-entry into the community, and empowering opportunity populations. This collaboration will focus on creating new models for individuals in the process of reentry into society after incarceration by assessing levels of emotional trauma during and before incarceration, including their ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score, addictions, dissociation, depression, anxiety, PTSD/PTSI, and other mental or physical health issues, and personality assessments. It will then utilize an integrated, systems, solution focused, and empirically based approach to treat or reverse these conditions. It will evaluate and implement preventive models to assist in the reduction of initial incarceration.

Life WorksWellness

To assist in the implementation of the Foundation’s models and research objectives, we have contracted with Life Works Wellness, LLC. LifeWorks Wellness mission is to help empower one’s untapped potential by offering, leadership trainings, certifications, workshops, and intensives.

Frontline Crisis Response Solutions

To better serve and empower the first responder, law enforcement, and military community, the Foundation will partner Frontline Crisis Response Solutions, a team of advocates, clinical experts, and pear supporters who’s mission is “Providing Confidential Support Through Wellness and Resiliency for First Responders and their Families.” FCRS may also be contracted by The Foundation to assist in the implementation of their treatment modals while also sharing data, innovations in their respective fields, as well as present together at wellness events and or venues.


The Foundation is also focused on “Community Education and Empowerment”. To assist us in achieving that goal, we have partnered with the following organizations.

Gang Way Advertising & Real News Public Relations

To assist in the endeavor of educating and empowerment the community, LifeWorks will partner with Gang Way Advertising, along with Real News Public Relations which is an all-journalist PR firm, staffed exclusively by experienced, award-winning reporters, editors, and producers, both parties will assist in presenting pertinent research, programs, groups, and individuals, to a larger audience, through, TV, radio, documenters, and recorded digital interviews.

Elevate Global Network & M2 The Rock

To further assist in sharing information and solutions on multiple platforms to local and global communities the Foundation will collaborate, contract with podcast host, create content for, manage, assist in the funding of, or facilitate multiple shows that are now ongoing and/or are in the process of going live, to include the Elevate Global Network (in the process of being created), and M2 the Rock.

M2 The Rock is a nationally recognized podcast who speaks about and invites nationally respected guest to speak about solutions to, addition and prevention of suicide.

Other local and international celebrities such as Rachel Stacy, or personalities will also be contracted as needed depending on their area of expertise and specific target audience or reach in the community.

The Healing Springs Show

The Healing Springs Show is a visionary concept created by the leadership of Healing Springs Ranch, an internationally recognized residential addiction treatment facility with an integrated approach. The Healing Springs show was created in an effort to extend the reach beyond the treatment facility and its clients. The goal is to empower the global community, by sharing their innovative and integrated models of recovery, change, and optimum performance. The target audience is both local and global. The goal is to advocate for healthier communities starting in the home and reaching out into the schools, city governments, hospitals, emergency responders, churches, businesses, sports, entertainment, and more. Their integrated model emphasizes strengthening, healing, and empowering optimal performance, personal life satisfaction and balance, including all integral areas of life; family, friends, financial, mental, physical, and professional. The show brings to the community recognized field expert information, innovative community programs, and inspirational stories of motivation and recovery focusing on improving the quality of life for citizens worldwide. The show also works in collaboration with and is funded by Life Works Wellness, LLC, Healing Springs Ranch, and Life Works Foundation which offers funding, data, and research to improve the content and reach of the show.

Its first mission is to start a campaign called “Embrace Your Ace” Which is created to help all communities become of aware of how ACEs or Adverse Childhood Experiences are a key factor issues of addiction, mental and physical health, work performance and life satisfaction.