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Welcome to Life Works Foundation


Life Works Foundation is committed to bringing innovative approaches to help people, businesses and communities achieve optimal levels of recovery, resiliency, and performance.


Life Works Foundation (https://lifeworksfoundation.org/) was founded by and is affiliated with the leadership team of Healing Springs Ranch, a leading residential treatment center that uses an integrated, cutting-edge approach to recovery, wellness, and personal performance.

The Foundation believes that Healing Springs Ranch’s therapeutic, functional, and coaching model can be of maximum service to the community by extending their focus beyond the walls of the treatment center, serving all individuals ranging from high functioning to those in need of recovery and support to reach their full potential.


Life Works Foundation is committed to conducting cutting-edge research, leading to standardizing, and systemizing innovative and elevated treatment modalities, that enhance an individual’s performance and life satisfaction.

The Foundation's research premise is based on maximizing one’s strength, while removing the underlying barriers to an individual reaching their full potential, optimizing performance, and achieving life satisfaction, through training, education, treatment, and performance coaching.

The Foundation utilizes an innovative and integrated approach to achieving optimum mental, physical, and spiritual health.


Life Works research is intended to benefit all ages, groups, and professions, helping individuals improve their mental and physical health, focus, productivity, academic, and athletic performance, personal and professional relationships, and work-life balance. It will also help targeted groups create a greater sense of life purpose and satisfaction by providing preventative measures and treatment for medical and mental health issues, such as but not limited to heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, addiction, suicidal ideation, PTSD (Also referred to as PTSI) and depression etc.

Its target group is comprised of, but not limited to, medical professionals, psychiatric patients, employers, civic leaders, religious leaders, law enforcement, prison staff, the incarcerated, education systems, first responders, and their subsequent peer support groups.